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Friends, in today’s time some people want that they should do some part time work along with their job. But in today’s time it is not necessary that you have to work outside only, you can also work from your mobile. That’s why today we have brought such an app for you so that you can easily do part time earning by using this app anywhere, anytime. You can easily earn from ₹ 500 to ₹ 1000 in a day. You can take the help of these apps to hand-le your daily expenses and you can easily cover your pocket money.

This is an app from which you can easily earn money. In this app you get many types of online tasks, which you can easily complete and save cash. You just have to give this app by taking out 3 to 4 hours in a day and you can earn money easily. You can also refer others, the more you refer, the higher your income.
STREADS is a step recorder app that rewards you for your steps with streadcoins, which you can use to purchase a variety of rewards, including fitness equipment, electronic gadgets, apparel, and more. STREADS delivers the feeling of “EARN ON THE GO” in accordance with its slogan. It earns you treadcoins from your steps, which you can use to get a variety of rewards.
STREADS, in contrast to other apps, places a premium on maintaining consistency and discipline while walking.
At the outset:
You will receive one streadcoin for every 1000 steps you take.
When you begin to incorporate walking into your daily routine:
Up to 4.4 streadcoins can be earned from your 1000 steps.
The idea is simple: the more you walk with discipline, the fitter and healthier you get, and the more likely you are to win amazing rewards.
STREADS is the ideal app for getting in shape, losing weight, or monitoring your fitness level.

What's new


You can see a preview of all the important information on the home screen.
Two rings indicate your daily progress. The orange-colored outer ring represents steps, which can be completed by walking 5000 steps. The blue-colored inner ring holds coins; In normal mode, it closes after 5000 steps, while in power mode, it closes after 2500 steps.
Power mode allows you to reach your daily goal with half as many steps as usual. Each of the two powers lasts 30 minutes.
It also shows your level, the total amount of treadcoins you've earned, the number of steps you completed that day, the treadcoins you've earned that day, and the Daily Bonus.


The number of days a week that you walk affects the levels. At STREADS, there is a new week every week, and there are four levels: Alpha is the base level, where users will earn 5 coins per day for completing daily goals. In the new week, which begins on Monday, everyone begins at this level.

Bravo is the following higher level. When a user completes a daily goal for more than two days in a week, they are upgraded to this level and begin earning @10 coins per day.

Charlie: This is the subsequent level up. Users are promoted to this level when they achieve a daily objective for more than three consecutive days, at which point they begin earning 15 coins per day.

Delta is the following higher level. Users are promoted to this level when they achieve a daily objective for more than four consecutive days, at which point they begin earning 22 coins per day.

The app is designed to change the color of the entire screen according to the various levels, allowing for friendly competition among friends.

And there's no need to worry about being downgraded because every week is a new one here, and everyone starts at Alpha level. They earn coins in different ways depending on the levels they reach each week.

Freebies, prizes, and discounts that you won't find anywhere else are abundant in this section. By walking, you can get coins that you can use.

Invite and Earn
Show your loved ones how far you've come and encourage them to join STREADS.
We will, on our part, add 05 coins to both your and your friend's wallets to make this more interesting (when your friend joins STREADS).

You can search for friends using your mobile Contact list as part of our services. If you choose to do so, you will be asked to allow the STREADS App to access your Contact list's information. If you consent, we will process your mobile phone's contact list to determine who has installed the STREADS App and to enable you to invite others to do so.

This section of the app is where friends compete against one another in real time. There will be a variety of challenges from time to time, such as referral-based, coin-earning, jackpot, and others. We will try to innovate the challenges in response to user feedback.




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How to install STREADS APK?

1. Tap the downloaded STREADS APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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