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Pi Network

Pi is a brand-new cryptocurrency. This app acts as a wallet for your digital assets and lets you access and expand your Pi holdings. Pi is environmentally friendly, widely distributed, and uses very little battery power.

Crypto mining is difficult.

Cryptocurrency investing is risky.

We are missing out on too much of the cryptocurrency revolution.

Pi makes crypto mining simple With breakthrough technology, you can mine Pi without draining your phone’s battery.

Digital money that is immutable, safe, and interoperable.

Mobile First
works with your phone and won’t use up your battery.

User & Planet-Friendly
Scalable security that is simple to use and doesn’t waste a lot of electricity.


Cryptocurrency is the next natural step in the evolution of money as the world becomes more digital. Pi is the first digital currency that can be used by everyday people, which is a significant step forward in the global adoption of cryptocurrency.

Our Objective: Create a platform for smart contracts and cryptocurrencies that is protected and managed by regular people.

Our Plan: Build the most inclusive peer-to-peer marketplace in the world, powered by Pi, the most widely used cryptocurrency in the world We’re going to take advantage of this opportunity to introduce our blockchain novices to the rabbit hole because Pi’s mission is to be as inclusive as possible.

What's new


Why cryptocurrencies are important At the moment, the record of our everyday financial transactions is kept by a reputable third party. For instance, when you make a bank transaction, the banking system records it and ensures that it is secure and dependable. Similarly, when Cindy uses PayPal to send Steve $5, PayPal stores a central record of the $5 taken out of Cindy's account and the $5 added to Steve's. In enforcing global financial transaction regulations, intermediaries like banks, PayPal, and other members of the current economic system play a significant role.

However, these dependable middlemen's function is constrained as well:

1. Capture of unjust value. These intermediaries create wealth worth billions of dollars (PayPal has a market cap of more than 130 billion dollars), but they don't pass that wealth on to their customers, who are ordinary people whose money drives a significant portion of the global economy. Every day, more and more people fall behind.

2. Fees. Companies and banks charge a lot to facilitate transactions. People with lower incomes and few alternatives often suffer the most from these fees.

3. Censorship. It is possible for a specific trusted intermediary to restrict your ability to move your money if it determines that you should not be able to do so.

4. Permissioned. The trusted intermediary acts as a gatekeeper and has the discretion to deny anyone access to the network.

5. Pseudonymous. These powerful gatekeepers have the potential to accidentally disclose or force you to disclose more financial information about yourself than you might want to at a time when the issue of privacy is becoming more pressing.

The 2009 launch of Bitcoin's "peer-to-peer electronic cash system" by an unknown programmer (or group) named Satoshi Nakamoto marked a turning point in the freedom of money. People were able to securely exchange value without the need for a trusted third party or intermediary for the first time in history. People like Steve and Cindy could pay each other directly by using Bitcoin, avoiding fees, obstacles, and intrusions from institutions. A new global economy was powered and connected by Bitcoin, a truly global currency.

Introduction to Distributed Ledgers
Bitcoin used a distributed record to accomplish this historic feat. The Bitcoin record is maintained by a distributed community of "validators," who access and update this public ledger. In contrast to the current financial system, which relies on the traditional central record of truth, the Bitcoin record is maintained. Consider the Bitcoin protocol to be a globally accessible "Google Sheet" that stores a record of transactions that this distributed community validates and maintains.

Even though the record is maintained by a community, the technology enables them to always reach consensus on truthful transactions, ensuring that cheaters cannot record false transactions or overtake the system. This is the breakthrough of Bitcoin and general blockchain technology. The centralized intermediary can now be eliminated without compromising transactional financial security thanks to this technological advancement.



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